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Connecticut Bail Bond Services, CT.

Bail Bond Service
in Connecticut

Servicing all of Connecticut's local and state police departments. All of the jucial facilities where surety bail bonds is allowed and correctional institutions for individuals pending sentencing.

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Terminology used within the bail bond industry and on bonding contracts.

Common Bail Bond
Terminology Definitions

Premium, Cosigner, indemnitor, Defendant, Unpaid Premium Agreement, Defendant Authorization Form, Collateral, Detainer and many other bail bond terms used within the industry.

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The cost of bail bonds in CT.

Bail Bonding Cost
& Regulated Premium

The bail bond cost varies per bond. Depending on the size of the bond, there is a regulated calculation that bail bondsmen use to determine the applicable fee. The bail bonding fee is also known as premium.

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Check out our video library at Enterprise Youtube Channel for videos related to the bail bond industry in Connecticut. Don't want to read? Watch our informational videos for answers to common questions.

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General information about Connecticut.

Connecticut Data
& Regional Facts

Get some facts about the State of Connecticut. If you live out of state and need to find an affordable bondsman in CT, read this information to help you get situated and then give us a call.

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frequently asked bail bond questions in Connecticut.

Frequently Asked
Bail Bond Questions

  1. How many cosigners are needed for a bail bond?
  2. What should I expect when bailing someone out of jail in Connecticut?
  3. Is your agency a 24 hour bail bonding?
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Bail Bond Scenarios


See the list of Connecticut correctional institutions we service.

1.TrueBondsmen Arrest Authority

Keep in mind that the person must be out on bail! If so and they are to appear in court and fail to do so, the judge can decide to issue an arrest warrant for said individual. After the warrant becomes active the bail bond agency can arrange to have the person out on bond arrested. The arrest can be accomplished by the bail bondsman that originally posted the bail bond or a hired bail enforcement agent also known as bounty hunter.

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2.FalseBonding Detainers

There are various types of detainers. For bail bond purposes we will focus on immigration and parole. Bail bonding is not possible when an individual is being held with any of the two detainers. A person with an immigration detainer has a conflicting issue with his or hers legal status in the United States and federal authorities. Individuals held with a parole detainer, indicates that the individual needing to be bailed out was previously released on parole with the condition of not getting rearrested. So the rearrest status would be a direct violation of the original conditions of release and thereby lead to not being able to post bail.

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3.FalseBond Premium

A Connecticut bail bondsmen cannot make up their own prices. Bail bond premiums are set and regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department. Bondsmen can however take a sum of money as a deposit and create a payment arrangement for the rest of the balance. But never alter the regulated state premium.

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4.TrueBail Bond Payment Plans

We offer payment arrangements for qualified applicants that cannot afford the full premium. Repayment of any balance can be made on a weekly or monthly basis. What defines a qualified applicant for payment plan purposes is the employment and credit history.

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5.TrueBonding Cosigners

Cosigners are an essential part of a bail bond. A cosigner assumes liability for the person being bonded should such individual fail to appear in court or fail to pay any remaining balances. The cosigner agreement with the bonding agency is in a contract form which requires the disclosure of personal information including but not limited to social security number, date of birth, employment and more.

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6.FalseAgency Coverage

Enterprise Bail Bonds LLC can offer bail bond services throughout the State of Connecticut. We cover all counties, police departments, courts and jails.

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Police Departments
Located in CT

police departments serviced by enterprise bail bonds Connecticut

We have bail bond agents throughout the state of Connecticut and service all related police departments. See the list below for location specifics.

Police Departments Serviced »

Find a Judicial
Branch Serviced

Connecticut Courts serviced by Enterprise Bail Bonds in Connecticut

We proudly offer bail bond services for those individuals detained at any of the Connecticut superior courts where bonding is allowed. Note, that we do not offer bond services for matters pending at federal institutions. We service:

Superior Courts Serviced »

List of CT County
Jails Serviced

See the list of Connecticut correctional institutions we service.

Enterprise Bail Bonds services various county jails in Connecticut. Note, that we can only bond individuals who are not sentenced and are held at a state facility. We cannot offer a surety bail bond for detainees housed at federal institutions. We can offer bonding services at:

Correctional Institutions Serviced »